The Goats of Discord

The Gates of Discord launched on Mangler and it has been an extremely fun time in game. With so much to do and such little time, everyone has been busting ass trying to get the pixels into our hands. A dedicated team of member trackers have been on top of the open world zones, and the splits keep coming with extreme success. Everyone has been playing extraordinarily well and it has been a fantastic time unraveling the mysteries of the Gates of Discord! With so much muramite armor under our belt, and the Tacvi class weapons flowing in at a great rate Omens of War looks like a delectable feast just waiting at our fingertips.

Farming LDoN: The Do’s and Dont’s

There’s good fun to be had on tap with the release of LDoN. With our raid goals aiming to replace a few elemental nights with the best of the best LDoN raid content to get them augs and what not. Farm status engage as week two both raids finishing on time yielding around 90 raid augs so far since the launch. A few nice class items have dropped too.. Tolykus got his gloves off of that drunk bastard Valdoon. I saw Pathogenic got some SK vambraces in Ritana’s crazy ass.

A dedicated core of sub-human creatures that work in the stickiest cafeteria put on their necklace beards and wanted to be #1. They easily got their notoriously famous Wayfarer’s Emblems and now dedicate their lives to guiding less fortunate guild members through dungeons to help show the way, earning sheckles of points.

As LDoN spell prices continue to plummet, Local Guild Farmer Leionheart reports on the market, ‘Hey guys, I just want to say that Suvus told me to sink all my points into spells to make buku bucks and it didn’t pan out at all.. wtf mann I can’t afford my ac augs now’. Unfortunate developments indeed.

Have fun and stay safe!~

Darkpaw Announces Fresh TLPs! Data Miners Need You!

Darkpaw Games formerly known as Daybreak Games formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment formerly known as Verant Interactive releases annual Time Locked Progression servers generally around the beginning of the summer, or middle of spring. This year the new TLPs Aradune and Rizlona host a myriad of rule sets and the researchers at Bloodthirst have a few questions about the upcoming TLPs if you wouldn’t mind answering them! Follow this link and fill out this easy 4 step survey to assist the market research experts here at Bloodthirst cater this experience to the baseline demographics that the guild is composed of. Thank you very much for your support!

This message and initiative is not funded directly by Bloodthirst Inc. through Conventional Means. Bloodthirst Inc. is not responsible for your experience.

Split Time on Farm

An Inside Look at the Good Times

Bloodthirst be getting buck wild in Planes of Power for the past month gathering over 40 unique Plane of Time class weapons and tons of other gear and goodies as we are in the final stretches of Planes of Power with new adventures afoot. Split raiding time has been a blast with more to look forward to in the coming months!

The Great Planes of Power

It has been an exciting month as the Planes of Power unlocked on the Mangler server. It’s been a year for some of us, maybe a decade for a few, and even some never saw some of the encounters we have been pushing through. With open world monsters sprinkled on top of our Plane of Time and Elemental God schedule our raiders are geared to the teeth with some of the best gear available today. Even our raid alts are getting decked out! After a hastened Plane of Time schedule to familiarize our ranks with the encounters and to batten down the hatches on our strategies we began splitting time successfully last week from start to finish. What will Bloodthirst Management come up with next to put the ranks through the trials and tribulations they deserve to get their loot?? Tune in next week!

Mini Aten Ha Ra brought to you by Annalynn

The media department over at bloodthirstHQ was quite pleased to hear about a future up and comer creating a video to entertain the masses.

Annalynn, a paladin, showcased a beautiful Mini AHR kill in Vex Thal as her entry into the Everquest Bloodthirst video realm of endgame raiding. It was great seeing Suvus, whom only spends his DKP on two-handers, horses, and necklaces was able to tank the mini AHR no problem.

We did not have this last year…

The population of bloodthirst agree’s we love our loot and we love it coming at us nascar fast. A brief look into one of our Khati Sha splits shows the strategies required to secure the win against the great Arcanist and Khati Sha the Twisted of Acrylia Caverns.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!

Suvus Clauss delivers some festive Backgrounds…

Premiere Bloodthirst Foreigner

Suvus Clauss exercised his right to photoshop recently and created some stunning images showcasing some of the monks we raid with. Muerder, or what he is famously known as, persistently displays exceptional amounts of tactical prowess under intense circumstances like needing avatar for when Emperor Ssra goes live.. Muerder spends his days farming copies of KEI and Sooty scrolls however often seen supplying the ranks with Lucid shards.

If you didn’t know who Liah is… You do now. 100% hailing from the great white north from a cyber cafe next door to a sugar shack he is guaranteed to make the raids no matter what season it is. Quickly rising to the top of the charts Liah is a threat to the meters and his biggest competition Larlen paid a high bounty to have this image created.