Farming LDoN: The Do’s and Dont’s

There’s good fun to be had on tap with the release of LDoN. With our raid goals aiming to replace a few elemental nights with the best of the best LDoN raid content to get them augs and what not. Farm status engage as week two both raids finishing on time yielding around 90 raid augs so far since the launch. A few nice class items have dropped too.. Tolykus got his gloves off of that drunk bastard Valdoon. I saw Pathogenic got some SK vambraces in Ritana’s crazy ass.

A dedicated core of sub-human creatures that work in the stickiest cafeteria put on their necklace beards and wanted to be #1. They easily got their notoriously famous Wayfarer’s Emblems and now dedicate their lives to guiding less fortunate guild members through dungeons to help show the way, earning sheckles of points.

As LDoN spell prices continue to plummet, Local Guild Farmer Leionheart reports on the market, ‘Hey guys, I just want to say that Suvus told me to sink all my points into spells to make buku bucks and it didn’t pan out at all.. wtf mann I can’t afford my ac augs now’. Unfortunate developments indeed.

Have fun and stay safe!~