Velious domination and preparing for the full moon!

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has continued to display Velious dominance, and while we may have briefly lost some steam due to the WoW Classic launch, the guild has buckled down and ramped up its aggression on open world winning 4 out of 4 of the most recent DPS races!

Winning races is great but perhaps the most compelling part of being in Bloodthirst is becoming a part of our story. The hardcore players who came to mangler to just take it easy and have a good time… opressed by a few guilds who thought they were bigger and badder than they were and eventually got stomped. Now Bloodthirst has the strongest core of hilarious and talented players and takes in more than 5 times the loot of any 2 other guilds on the Mangler Server Combined!

But don’t take my word for it, click here to see for yourself:

Here is one of our newer members, Suvus a converted <Magic and Melee> Allstar to tell you all about how awesome we are. This guy has been a perfect fit into our crew, he is a regular chill dude, very easy going, and even he has gained the appetite for blood:

DPS races don’t happen often, but often enough that on Mangler you need to stay light on your feet and maintain that quick-draw. Both are skills proven to be perishable when you don’t keep yourself conditioned to racing as seen by the repeated meltdowns by our would-be competition. As a result, there is one thing that is never in short supply on Mangler:

Some say that when other guilds see how much loot we get they cream their pants instantly, but it quickly dehydrates into crystallized semen salt which they attempt to spread all over everyone in Bloodthirst. Jokes on them though… we have a shit load of dudes who fucking LOVE semen in Bloodthirst…and who doesn’t like the salt!

There has never been a better time to join Bloodthirst. We are already putting our tried and true proven Luclin launch plans into effect, and we will be running drills on the test server in coming weeks to condition our raiders for launch.

Luclin is one of the greatest expansions in EverQuest, and if you want to experience it to its fullest and go into Planes of Power with a completely decked out OP character that has bigger balls than, then hit us up ASAP to get onboarded.

In most cases we will even provide an extra incentive for those who are coming from an established guild with lost of DKP saved up. We get it, leaving your current guild is a huge change especially if you have DKP and Friends keeping you there…so talk to us about how you can arrange to bring over BOTH of those things with you. If you have an appetite for open world blood, then WE WANT YOU!

If you are one of those people who get drunk, pass out and piss yourself on-stream…we especially want you! Because that is the kind of animals we are.

Smallz passed out on stream during our 3rd ToV clear of the day!

And now a sample of all the things you are missing by not being in Bloodthirst!

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