Guild News

Bloodthirst is an Everquest raiding guild on the Mangler Time-Locked Progression server. With a mix of casual, and hardcore members and an easily obtainable 20% RA requirement progression is completed with ease.

Darkpaw Announces Fresh TLPs! Data Miners Need You!

Darkpaw Games formerly known as Daybreak Games formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment formerly known as Verant Interactive releases annual Time Locked Progression servers generally around the beginning of the summer, or middle of spring. This year the new TLPs Aradune and Rizlona host a myriad of rule sets and the researchers at Bloodthirst have … Continue reading Darkpaw Announces Fresh TLPs! Data Miners Need You!

Split Time on Farm

Bloodthirst be getting buck wild in Planes of Power for the past month gathering over 40 unique Plane of Time class weapons and tons of other gear and goodies as we are in the final stretches of Planes of Power with new adventures afoot. Split raiding time has been a blast with more to look … Continue reading Split Time on Farm