Guild News

Bloodthirst is an Everquest raiding guild on the Mangler Time-Locked Progression server. With a mix of casual, and a few die-hard members, a lively and progressive raid environment where a 40% RA 30 day requirement to maintain member status is completed with ease.

The Goats of Discord

The Gates of Discord launched on Mangler and it has been an extremely fun time in game. With so much to do and such little time, everyone has been busting ass trying to get the pixels into our hands. A dedicated team of member trackers have been on top of the open world zones, and … Continue reading The Goats of Discord

Darkpaw Announces Fresh TLPs! Data Miners Need You!

Darkpaw Games formerly known as Daybreak Games formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment formerly known as Verant Interactive releases annual Time Locked Progression servers generally around the beginning of the summer, or middle of spring. This year the new TLPs Aradune and Rizlona host a myriad of rule sets and the researchers at Bloodthirst have … Continue reading Darkpaw Announces Fresh TLPs! Data Miners Need You!